Civilization 6’s next DLC adds Kublai Khan the ‘jolly but ruthless conquerer’

Come January 28, a whole bunch of people will be hopping back into Civilization 6 for one more turn before bed, this time with new civ Vietnam and new leader Kublai Khan.

Kublai Khan is an alternative leader for China and Mongolia, who will give you a few new options to take the fight to your opponents.

Firaxis has also started adding information about the Monopolies and Corporations game mode, which lets you turn Industries into Corporations, which then create Products, items that slot into the Stock Exchange or Seaport for more Great Merchant points or increased yields.

The new mode also gives you bonuses if you have the entire global supply of a luxury resource, letting you create a Monopoly to improve your cashflow and Tourism.

There is also a new District called the Preserve, which increases the appeal of adjacent tiles, and can further boost the yield of adjacent Charming or Breathtaking tiles.

The Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack is part of the New Frontier Pass, or can be bought separately.

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