Sorry Nioh fans, Team Ninja wants to work on new titles now

If you ever talk about games with Charlie, he will at some point bring up Nioh in conversation. In fact, a lot of our game of the year discussions had him bringing up Nioh 2 again and again, describing its various gameplay tricks and fun and how many hours he has poured into the game. However, it seems the Nioh story is done, for now.

Team Ninja’s Fumihiko Yasuda, the director of Nioh, recently spoke with The Gamer about the future and it sounds like they have big plans. “Team Ninja would like to focus on working on new titles, so there really isn’t a plan for Nioh 3 at this point.”

“We’re releasing Nioh 2 Complete Edition on PS5, so we’ve had time to work with the newest hardware, and after getting a chance to develop a title for the newest hardware we’re seeing the improvements with the SSD and just how much faster the load times are on the newest hardware. I would like to try and take on an open-world style game in the future. So that’s definitely something that I think this new hardware will give us the ability to try out.”

Team Ninja has several new projects in the works that will be announced this year, so we will just have to wait for now.

The full interview can be read here if you want to delve into Nioh 2 mechanics and more.

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