IO Interactive still trying to fix the Hitman 3 progress transfer system

Hitman 3 players who want to transfer their Hitman 2 progress are hitting a serious hurdle. The launch of Hitman 3 yesterday was soured by the website that manages progress carry over having some problems.

The site isn’t working as intended, with two big issues being experienced by players. First, many players aren’t able to log in at all, while others are making it through the entire process, only to have it fail right at the end.

If you have a lot unlocked in Hitman 2, this is where the whole process stops, unless you are willing to throw away those unlocks, location mastery, challenge completion and profile XP, because old progress will wipe new Hitman 3 progress, so you can’t play now and finish the transfer later without some sort of loss. Also if the process has been started, who would want to play knowing it will be wiped shortly?

IO Interactive has been open about the problem, discussing it on Twitter and working on a fix. IO said that a transfer that fails is put in the queue that the developers will approve them. They are also working on an issue where players never get an email when trying to reset their password.

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