The latest Cyberpunk 2077 patch has a new progression-breaking bug

A new patch for Cyberpunk 2077, which was released to quash a whole bunch of bugs, ranging from strange to game-breaking, has introduced a brand-new progression-breaking bug.

The new bug involves Takemura in the quest Down in the Street. This quest already had a bug before where Takemura would never call, so the quest wouldn’t ever get started. Now it looks like some players are getting a call from Takemura, but he says nothing, just staring at you for an eternity.

Several players chimed in on the game’s subreddit about having this bug, and how loading up older saves still leads to this points

As a result, players are unable to do any other jobs, side jobs or gigs, because you can’t talk to NPCs while in a phone call, and nobody else will call, because the call from Takemura is super important.

Super important that he sits silently in the corner, judging you.

CD Projekt Red says that patch 1.1 is just the beginning of a series of updates. Hopefully patch 1.2 fixes ol’ Takemura up.

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