Nintendo Switch sales continue to soar

Yesterday, Nintendo posted its latest financial report. An economic report doesn’t usually make for the most enticing of reading – however, it’s hard to not stop and take note of just how well the Japanese company is doing thanks to the Switch console especially after their record-setting quarter (at least since 2008).

As detailed in this article, the report included some really stand out figures: First of all, Switch lifetime sales have now exceeded the 78 million mark pushing it past how many 3DS’ sold and well on its way to matching and overtaking the sales of the ridiculously popular Wii. On the software side of things, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has now reached the almost unfathomable heights of 33.4 million games sold. And if that wasn’t mad enough – last year’s SA Gamer GOTY winner Animal Crossing: New Horizons is up to 31 million even though it hasn’t been on sale for a full year yet! And pretty much every other series that has appeared on the hybrid console has also become the best-selling games in their respective franchises too.

There are even more staggering numbers to go through so do check out the article above for those details. And what about an announcement of the much-rumoured new (Super) Switch (Pro) console being on the way? Well, as per IGN, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa was asked about this in a Q&A after the above report and Bloomberg reports that his response indicated that this was not coming anytime soon. Of course, with figures soaring as they are – there’s no way Nintendo would curb current enthusiastic purchasing by announcing that a better, brighter model may be just around the corner…

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