Mass Effect Legendary Edition will have us all returning to the trilogy in May

When it comes to remasters, it feels like some companies do the bare minimum before sticking an old game in a new box and selling it again. Thankfully, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition looks like they do a bit more than a fresh coat of paint.

It might not be enough to qualify for a remake, but the Mass Effect remaster does have several welcome quality of life improvements on the way. Here are examples of what is changing in ME1: The Mako will be faster, with new physics. Elevators are no longer the dreaded boss of the series. The UI is a bit more in line with the sequels. AI has been improved of squad mates, enemies and some boss fights. While on that, many boss fights have been tweaked, and weapons should feel different as you change manufacturer or weapon level. Smoother camera controls, aim assist, an adjusted control scheme and more round out the package.

One feature that sticks out is a character creation that is unified across all three games, so you can make your character look exactly the same across all three games. You can also use ME3’s Femshep as your Shepard in ME1.

Get ready for 4K, 60 FPS Mass Effect, complete with more lens flare, on May 14 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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