The Stardew Valley 1.5 Update now available on consoles

As you probably know by now, several members of the SA Gamer team are big fans of Stardew Valley. It’s great to see how popular the game has become over the years. And it is still crazy to think that’s it is one person behind the development. Well, there have been some big recent additions to the base game and the considerable 1.5 update has already seen several incremental fixes on PC (currently on patch 1.5.4.).

Well, for all of you that play the game on consoles, this past weekend held some good news:

Yup, as seen in the tweet above, the 1.5 Update has just gone live on consoles (Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation). It’s a pretty hefty update which includes a new area (Ginger Island), new beach farm layout, ostriches and even bananas. If you’re keen to find out exactly what’s included in the patch – have a look at the changelog here.

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