Keiichiro Toyama reveals Bokeh Game Studio’s new horror title

Bokeh Game Studio has just revealed the studio’s upcoming game in a new video. In the video, Keiichiro Toyama discusses how the game will draw on the horror game experience of the developers.

Toyama is known for working on Silent Hill, Siren and the Gravity Rush series and he gets rather personal in this video. He discusses his gaming influence, managing to work in the games industry and how this first game is inspired in part by “death games”, a theme that is pretty prevalent in manga. “You have these regular people driven into irrational situations. They’re on the edge emotionally, while dealing with action or drama. This influenced me and I think it will show in my next game.”

“While keeping elements from horror, I want the player to feel exhilarated when playing the game. The view of horror I have is the everyday life being shaken. Rather than showing scary things, it should question our position, make us challenge the fact we’re living peacefully.”

Toyama discusses his passion for photography (in case you didn’t guess it from the studio’s name already), and the parallels he sees between photography and game development. He also says that his photography helped the studio find the location and setting for the new title.

The new title is aiming for a 2023 release date, primarily developed for PC, but aiming for “as many console platforms as possible”.

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