Nintendo Direct at midnight tonight!

Wow, and just like that Nintendo reveals their next Direct. Yes, once again (mostly) out of the blue yesterday the Big N’s social media channels buzzed into life revealing that they were almost ready to reveal some of their 2021 hand. The confirmation of Nintendo’s first proper ‘full-length’ Direct in something like 531 days! Astounding, we know. Check out the tweet below:

As you can see from the included blurb, we can expect just under one hour of information about Smash Bros. Ultimate and other games for the first six months of 2021. So what ‘other games’ will be talked about? What will be the big ticket item? Perhaps, an Odyssey sequel announcement? Something related to Zelda’s upcoming anniversary (like footage for BOTW2)? Mario Kart 9? Well, that’s what all the online guesses are pushing for. What about you? Are you in those camps or do you think it will be something completely out of left field? Well, we’ll just have to tune in to find out. Unfortunately, for us South Africans, the tuning in won’t be that easy – Nintendo Direct is happening tonight at midnight. Oof.

Grab a pillow everyone, this is going to be a late one…

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