Hello, yes No Man’s Sky lets you tame, train and breed all those critters now

The No Man’s Sky Companions update proves that life finds a way. Get ready to tame and train the various aliens that you discover on your travels. Keep them at home to have some life around your base, or take them with you to help with mining operations.

Besides decking them out with gear, they can also hunt down resources, dig for treasure or scare away the local fauna so you can go about your exploration in peace. A link to your exosuit will let you know how they feel, so make sure to feed them and play with them.

If this wasn’t enough, you can edit the DNA of an egg at the Space Anomaly, creating your perfect creature and releasing it on an unprepared universe. Make your own cute companions, or unleash nightmares on the stars. Your choice.

Now I wonder if there are any size limitations in place? Guess I will find out when I drop everything else I am busy with to go and tame some new friends.

For more details on the companions and the various bug fixes in this update, head here.

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