People Can Fly gives extensive details on next week’s Outriders demo

People Can Fly’s co-operative sci-fi game Outriders plans to launch on April 1st this year, and in case you wanted to know what the game was all about, a demo is launching next week.

People Can Fly puts emphasis on this being a demo and not a beta. There isn’t a limited time to grab it, you don’t need to have pre-ordered the game or anything of that like. Just a good old-fashioned demo to showcase a part of the game to help with a purchase decision.

The demo launches on 25 February at 7pm for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. The demo weighs in at between 22 and 24 GB of download and gives access to all four classes, letting you play through the prologue and the opening chapter. Once you beat the first rival Altered, Gauss, a number of side missions unlock.

The demo has a level cap of 7, which is enough to get two skill points and unlock a fourth class ability. Those who want to can later transfer progress from the demo to the full game.

A pretty detailed breakdown on the demo can be found here.

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