Opinion: What popular game series just completely passed you by?

There was a lot of excitement last week if you were a Nintendo fan. We got a proper full-length direct for the first time in ages (something like one and half years) and at least I felt that there was something in it for almost everyone. However, over the weekend, I’ve noticed once again that many people who were hoping for Metroid or BOTW2 news were left sorely disappointed. And while that is quite understandable – I also noticed a lot of people were very irked that Splatoon 3 was the ‘big reveal’. I mean “no one plays that game right?!”

Now, I won’t pretend to be a huge Splatoon fan but I do know there’s actually quite an active community in South Africa and it’s absolutely massive in Japan. So it got me thinking about video game series and how even very popular series can be a blind spot for one personally. I, for example, have played very little of anything Legend of Zelda related. I’m usually also the guy that just stares blankly ahead when anyone is talking about any sort of shooter. Now, before you gawk in shock and disbelief, I ask that you think about your own gaming experience… Is there any popular video game series that just passed you by? It might be something we’ve talked about before – but I think it’s one of those topics that we all find very interesting.

So let’s be brave. Let us know the game and the reason you never jumped in, in the comments section below…

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