Players remake Sauron’s tower in Valheim

Build, and they will come to ogle at your rather impressive rendition of a fantasy movie location as your base in a video game.

The name Valheim should have crossed your feed at some point in the last few weeks. This surprisingly popular early access survival game based in the Viking era has taken the top spot on the gaming trend list recently. And with that popularity obviously comes some rather outlandish players that want to flex their creativity.

Uploaded by the modder Rynborg on their YouTube channel, the video takes us on a tour of an incredibly impressive base of operations. Rynborg managed to not only build the tower of Barad-dûr, but the accompanying fortress and all-seeing eye, as well.

While the act of just building this is a feat all on its own, what makes this a little bit more special is the fact that is now available to players on Nexus Mods. There have been other builds in the community that have gained attention, like a user’s High Hrothgar monastery, but none have been made accessible to the public before.

Since players of these types of game rarely like to be out-done, I doubt this will be the last or the most impressive build to come out of Valheim.

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