Final Fantasy VII Remake and Maquette headline PS Plus games for March

And just like that, we’re already into the third month of the year. Believe it or not, March is officially underway. And while that might be a bit scary for some, the good news is that new PlayStation Plus games (available for free for subscribers) have been announced and may even already be available for download by the time you’re reading this. Lately, Sony seems to be packing more impressive games into the Plus package (last month we had both Concrete Genie and Control). And if you’ve had a look at the header image above – you’ll see that some big names standout this month again.

Yes, March’s big headline is that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be free this month. The FFVII Remake was a huge game last year, with many people considering it a serious contender for GOTY. For SA Gamer, Garth did the review and thought it was Amazing – check out his 9/10 Review here. Remnant: From the Ashes will also be available for those with a PS4. Maquette (the first-person recursive puzzle game) will be a special addition for those of you with a PS5 and PSVR players can look forward to the sci-fi shooter Farpoint. For details on each game and trailer be sure to check Sony’s Blog post here.

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