PS5 internal storage upgrades will be ‘opening’ up soon

Let’s be honest, storage is always an issue. Games are getting bigger and bigger. Whenever a new title is announced, it seems covering just how big the download file size is going to be is becoming an ever more important part of the news cycle. You’d think the recently-released new generation of consoles would’ve solved some of these issues. Sure, the fact that we now have SSDs is great. However, no matter what you think of the Series X or the PS5 it’s hard not to wish the internal storage was bigger.

Sony fans have been particularly troubled by this whenever they download several games. The PS5 comes with an SSD that is about 667GB-big. Sony had explained that there would be a way to expand this storage. However, this expandable storage had not been made available at launch. Now, according to this Bloomberg report, the option to enable the ‘M.2 SSD storage expansion’ looks like it will happen this ‘summer’ (Northern Hemisphere Summer – our Winter). So it looks like you won’t have to wait too long… if you’re okay with the cost of purchasing the approved Sony expansions which are likely to be rather costly.

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