Brush up on your skills with the Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Guide

With just about a week to go till the release of Monster Hunter Rise, Minoto from Kamura Village has created a few artistic scrolls with an abundance of information to help hunters kick start their journeys into the world of the hunter.


A new addition to the Monster Hunter series are Wirebugs. Bugs that quite literally allow the hunters to swing like Spider-Man by means of them secreting a tough silken string. This is quite a game-changer for hunters since the Insect Glaive was the only weapon in the past that allowed players to move with such agility in the air. Wirebugs will allow hunters to alter their movements mid-hunt, helping them escape multiple attacks but also perform new attacks called Silkbind attacks. Although hunters start off with two Wirebugs, you’ll be able to pick up wild Wirebugs. This additional element is bound to create artistically beautifully choreographed hunts!

Endemic Life

The world surrounding Kamura offers hunters numerous creatures that’ll boost the hunters status effects. The Spiribird which is attracted to the fragrance of a hunter’s Petalace (an item equipped while hunting), grants the hunter a boost in stats. The stat that is raised is dependent on the colour of the Spiribird you come across. Green Spiribirds raise HP. Yellow Spiribirds increases stamina. Red Spiribirds will grant hunters an attack boost. And orange Spiribirds will increase your defense. The Clothfly temporarily boosts a hunter’s defensive stat. And finally the Stinkmink can be captured and used to lure a larger monster towards them.

A Hunters best friend – Buddy’s

Another new addition to the Monster Hunter series is a new hunting buddy. Thus far the series has allowed hunters to head out with Palicoes. These little cat-like creatures support the hunter by healing them and even fighting alongside them. This time around hunters also have the opportunity to bring along Canynes also known as Palamutes. These dog-like creatures enjoy a good hunt and allow you to ride them to travel across the hunting grounds faster. Hunters will even be able to use items whilst riding the Palamute and sharpen their weapons.

Wyvern Riding

Riding Palamutes is fun but Wyvern Ridings where the real fun is. Mounting a monster can be done once a certain amount of damage is done to the monster through Wirebug jump attacks, Silkbind attacks and even upon finding two monsters fighting each other. Once a hunter mounts the monster, they’ll be able to control them like a puppet through the use of their Wirebugs. Hunters will be able to force their mounted monster to attack other monsters, run them into obstacles and even run around the hunting area. Just remember that this control isn’t permanent.

And with that we come to the end of our summarised guide. May your weapons forever remain sharp and may you all Rise up to the challenge. Happy Hunting.


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