Marvel’s Avengers is getting Black Panther expansion this year

Marvel’s Avengers will be heading to Wakanda later this year. The Black Panther is on the way, with the DLC delayed last year due to Chadwick Boseman’s tragic passing.

The DLC is called War for Wakanda, and A.I.M is teaming up with Klaw to invade. Get ready to explore Wakanda and play as the vibranium-armoured superhero Black Panther later this year.

Before that, a whole lot of heading to the game, as shown in this roadmap. There are several events that spice things up, like Tachyon Anomaly, which will let you hop into a mission with everyone playing the same hero. The Red Room Takeover will add new themed content to the HARM Room, with a bunch of outfits to unlock.

For those wanting something now rather than waiting for the later in the year, the next-gen versions of the game are available now, meaning you can play the game with faster load times and better frame rates than what we had on the previous-gen version. Operation: Future Imperfect is available too, which adds Hawkeye, campaign replay and the ability to customise HARM rooms.

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