Fallout 76 gets a 2021 roadmap

Bethesda has revealed a roadmap for Fallout 76’s content in 2021, showing a bit of what players can expect in seasons four through seven.

Starting in the northern hemisphere’s spring, Season 4 will introduce SPECIAL loadouts, which lets level 25 players to redistribute their SPECIAL points whenever they are in CAMP. On top of that players will also get CAMP slots, which let you build multiple CAMP sites around the map. Season 4 also expands on Daily Ops, adding a new Decryption game mode. Season 4’s features are on the public test server right now for those keen to see them in action.

Then in summer, Season 5 brings an end to the year-long Brotherhood of Steel story arc. Get ready for new quests, NPCs, locations and rewards along with legendary crafting and legendary power armour.

Season 6 is planned for fall and will be about “the next evolution of private worlds”. There will also be another Daily Ops expansion.

Then Season 7 will have a new public challenge called Invaders from Beyond. Get ready for four-star legendary weapons and armour and CAMP Pets.

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