Tekken 7’s newest character is the prime minister of Poland, because why not?

Bandai Namco keeps trotting out the DLC for Tekken 7, and this next character’s backstory only works because we are talking about Tekken here, a story of a family line cursed with demons, with animal escapades and assassins and ninjas and more.

Lidia Sobieska is a karate expert that is entering the arena today. That doesn’t sound too outlandish, until you see that she is apparently the Prime Minister of Poland. “After the Tekken​ Force arrived into parts of Poland, the Polish citizens cried out for a stronger leader and Lidia answered that call!”

Ah yes, another country that had its entire trajectory changed because the Mishima family is full of devils, demons, egomania and a strong desire for intrafamilial violence.

Lidia joins the game alongside the new Island Paradise stage, which has a sunbathing Lee on the sidelines. Here is more of Lidia’s backstory.

“Lidia has always been an upright and resolute woman. She believes that justice requires absolute power, which is why she has shown great interest in karate from a very young age.

“The loss of her father stoked her interest in the family tradition of politics. Lidia showed great qualities in both areas, entering and winning her first karate world championship at 18, and more recently being one of the youngest rising stars in the Polish political arena.

“The war started by the Mishima Zaibatsu is greatly affecting Poland and she is committed to settle the situation with her own fists.”

Of course, none of this really matters if she doesn’t make it to another Tekken game. Lidia’s story is all limited to this one video, as she doesn’t get any story mode content. Still, she brings something new to the table with her strong, quick and direct moves.

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