Risk of Rain 2 celebrates its second birthday with a hefty anniversary update

March 2021 marks the two years since Hopoo Games released Risk of Rain 2 in early access, and the developer has a significant update to celebrate the milestone.

Risk of Rain 2’s Anniversary Update launches on Thursday, 25 March and it has a focus on rounding out the base game, looking at old items that were left on the cutting room floor.

A previously scrapped survivor known as the Bandit will enter the fray, as well as an abandoned boss called the Grandparent.

Hopoo Games is aware that modders found the scrapped version of Bandit and have brought them to life in mods, and have made sure that the two can co-exist.

The update adds new items, 88 new lore entries, new skill variants for a number of existing Survivors and a host of quality of life improvements.

The anniversary patch will hit PC on March 25, with consoles getting the update a bit later.

Hopoo is now working on the first paid expansion for the game, with is a Q4 2021 release. They are aiming to release it on all platforms simultaneously.

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