Genshin Impact mobile revenue breaks $1 billion in six months

Genshin Impact just broke a record on the App Store and Google Play, hitting the $1 billion revenue milestone within six months.

Research company Sensor Tower has been following mobile games and their revenue streams, saying Genshin Impact took six months to do what took Niantic’s Pokémon Go nine months. Lineage from NCSoft took 10 months.

Sensor Tower says that Genshin Impact players spend an average of $160 million a month, which works out to $5.8 million a day. When Xiao and Hu Tao arrived as playable characters, spending hit $15 million and $13 million on the days they released.

“It took 2020’s top revenue-generating title PUBG Mobile just over 16 months to hit its $1 billion in player spending after it began monetizing, while the No. 2 top-grossing game, Honor of Kings required approximately 18 months to reach that milestone on iOS. Earlier this year, Brawl Stars from Supercell generated its first $1 billion after two years. It’s an impressive feat—one that stems from a truly global audience and that is maintained by a substantial investment in new events, features, and characters on top of a rich world and rewarding gameplay experience,” said EMEA mobile insights strategist Craig Chapple.

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