Hitman 3 is getting a seven-part expansion based on the seven deadly sins

Are you ready to dive into the seven deadly sins? Agent 47 is about to embark on a paid expansion that is themed around vices. The first one arrives for Hitman 3 on 30 March and it is called Greed.

Greed is set in Dubai, where Agent 47 dons a fancy gold suit and kills people to collect large gold coins. The trailer mentions him remembering “before this got personal” when it was all about the money in the bank.

Each of the seven sins will have its own mission, and a sin-themed suit to unlock for you to walk around in other parts of the game. That sounds like a big part of the fun, rocking up to some event in an ostentatious suit, yet somehow blending in.

Each of the seven DLC packs costs $5, or you can grab all of them upfront for $30.

Hitman 3 also keeps getting free content updates, with Escalations, Featured Contracts and Elusive Targets, as well as the Berlin Egg Hunt.

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