Psyonix reveals mobile game Rocket League Sideswipe

Believe it or not, Rocket League has been around for several years already. Back in May 2019, we got the news the Psyonix would be joining Epic Games. Then, just a few short months later, the game went the free-to-play route. Ss recently as December last year, the electric, neon-themed Season 2 was already on its way to PC and consoles. And yesterday, Psyonix revealed the next step in their digital car soccer world domination plan – the move into the mobile space with a new version of the game called Rocket League Sideswipe.

The game is clearly based on the original Rocket League, however, there will be several tweaks to the game. Psyonix describes the game as follows:

Players compete from a new perspective on the field in 1v1 or 2v2 matches. Games will be fast-paced, 2-minute matches that you can play with friends near or far thanks to online play… [the game] will feature mobile controls that are easy to pick up… [and] will have robust car customization similar to Rocket League. Players can also expect an online Ranking system for competitive play.

Although no final release dates were given, Psyonix did reveal that the free-to-download game is aiming for a 2021 release on both iOS and Android devices. And you can check out some Alpha gameplay below:

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