Cyberpunk 2077’s next big patch will make cops less of a nuisance

Cyberpunk 2077’s next big patch is full of fixes. Called patch 1.2, the patch notes give some detail and what is being changes and this one is pretty large.

While we don’t know when patch 1.2 will be hitting the game, having patch notes does mean that things are being ticked off the final list before it goes live. There are hundreds of changes (over 500 of them!), all coming “soon”. The patch notes can be found here for anyone wanting to look for a specific issue.

There are a whole bunch of changes to how vehicles handle, enemies dying properly and baddies wont complain that you bumped into them when you are grappling them. Friendly NPCs won’t trip each other up as much either.

The biggest change is to these pesky police officers. The spawn radius that the police use to arrive after you commit a crime has been increased, so they shouldn’t magically appear right behind you anymore just as you finish committing a crime.

For those on PC, the game has a steering sensitivity option for all platforms and input devices, which should really help keyboard users to feel like they are in control of the vehicles in the game.

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