Jonathan Warner announces he is leaving BioWare

Back in February 2020, BioWare announced that Anthem would be getting a ‘substantial overhaul’. As they explained it they wanted to “reinvent the core gameplay loop with clear goals, motivating challenges and progression with meaningful rewards”. Both critics and players alike had been lukewarm regarding the game’s original ‘version’ (here’s Garth’s review of the game) and so promises of some big changes had people dreaming of a big comeback story à la No Man’s Sky. Unfortunately, just over a month ago – we heard the news that the big overhaul had been cancelled.

Of course, and as mentioned in their cancellation announcement, COVID had a lot do to with the Next update’s cancellation. However, over the weekend Jonathan Warner who was serving as Anthem‘s Game Director also announced he was leaving BioWare after nearly 10 years at the company.

Of course, it may not be that the two are directly linked – but having both events (the cancellation and Warner’s departure) merely weeks apart has raised some eyebrows. In his tweet (as you can see above) Warner is seemingly leaving in good spirits though, thanking BioWare and remarking that (DA) Dragon Age, (ME) Mass Effect, and (SWTOR) Star Wars: The Old Republic are in “good hands”. Interestingly, the tweet also included a gif of the spinning top from the end of Inception – so who knows what that means…

Source: IGN

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