Magic: Legends is working on its framerate and will ‘refine monetisation’

Last week the open beta for Magic: Legends launched and I was rather hopeful about the melding of Magic: the Gathering and ARPG. My time with the beta was fairly brief, thanks to several frustrations I had with the experience. Apparently I was not alone, as the game’s producer Steve Ricossa explained how Cryptic Studios was responding to criticism levelled at the beta.

The two biggest complaints were the monetisation of the game and its abhorrent framerate. For many players, changing the graphics preset did nothing, and regardless of what beefy rig you might have, the game seemed to chug. The beta has already received two performance updates, with more to come. Ricossa says that the development team has “made data changes to cull some excessive entities that were making the game burn framerate unnecessarily”.

The second gripe was with the game’s monetisation and how players go about unlocking other classes. Besides the five starter classes, there is only one class to unlock: the Dimir Assassin. To get this class, you need to buy booster packs and hope that you get it in one. Or you could gather up in-game currency, but it would take a small mountain of the stuff to unlock the class.

Now the Dimir Assassin is part of the game’s battle pass, both in the free and premium tiers, giving players another option to get the class.

The team is also working on the tutorial, with an aim to shorten it so that players get to multi-colour deck building quicker.

There are other gripes, like some of the missions being rather boring (a ten minute long defend some place then another one from waves of enemies), but at least Cryptic is making changes to some of the biggest issues the open beta has.

Ricossa’s full breakdown on week one of the beta can be read over here.

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