BioWare reveals the changes they made for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition

We’re closing in fast on the release date for this highly demanded re-release of a cult classic game, Mass Effect. While some info has been released to the public ever since its reveal on N7 Day last year, there has been a lot of speculation around what the final product will actually include.

“Wonder no more!”, says the PR team at BioWare, as they partner up with IGN to demystify the ideas around the upcoming Legendary Edition.

If you don’t have 11 minutes to watch side-by-side, in-depth comparisons of the game then here’s the TL;DR version:

  • Mass Effect is getting combat tuning and improvements to the Mako
  • Additional gameplay improvements, unifying and modernization is coming to all the games
  • Galaxy at War rebalancing for Mass Effect 3

Well, that’s the gist of it. But of course, it’s a bit more nuanced than that; The combat tuning for Mass Effect won’t get rid of the infamous cool-down mechanic, for instance. But with the bad comes a bit of good! Not only will you be able to use all weapons as any class, but now you can sprint! Outside of combat! No more jogging at an unconcerned pace like you’re just on the Citadel to shop for some fish.

Additional gameplay improvements, I’m happy to announce, also include a rebalance of that absolutely awful boss room on Noveria. I recently tried to replay the trilogy from start to finish but gave up quite early on due to this one encounter being absolutely broken.

There’s a whole list of bits and bobs that they updated and changed, but what it comes down to is: Mass Effect 1 has been made less poopy, and the other two had their bugs fixed and “wheels” rebalanced. Which is, let’s be honest, exactly what a lot of us hoped for. (Although, that cooldown mechanic can still throw itself off a cliff harder than we did when testing the Mako’s physics.)

The Legendary Edition will be making its way to your library on the 14th of May! But keep your eyes peeled, a lot more is to be revealed before then.

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