Nintendo reveals PAC-MAN 99 – their new Switch online retro battle royale

Back in the early days of 2019, Nintendo revealed their first take on the battle royale genre. In a rather unexpected move (as is often the case with Nintendo) Alexey Pajitnov’s falling block game, Tetris, got the “99-enters-only-one-leaves” treatment. For the last two years, Tetris 99 has been rather popular. It has received some DLC, an offline mode and several themed events. Then, as part of Super Mario’s 35th anniversary – Super Mario Bros. 35 gave us another taste of competitive online retro survival. However, after that game died just over a week ago with no real reason given, it seems Nintendo had another classic ready to be given a 99-edition…

Yes, this time around it’s the beloved yellow, pizza-shaped icon taking centre stage in PAC-MAN 99. If you’re a Nintendo Switch Online member you’ll be able to download and play the game for free from tomorrow (8th of April). Of course, in order for the game to work as a battle royale, the base game has seen some tweaks. Now you not will not only be dealing with an ever-increasing speed but long lines of ghosts, a strategic power-up system and more. If you’re keen to see how this all works be sure to check out the video included in the announcement. There will also be a bunch of paid(bleh)-DLC available at launch including several offline modes as well as some classic Namco themes.

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