Check out the story trailer for this wonderfully unique-looking stop-motion adventure game

Harold Halibut apparently started off as an idea over dinner some nine years ago. Since then, the small indie developer (based in Germany), Slow Bros., has been painstakingly creating the stop-motion world that serves as the setting for their narrative-driven adventure game they had imagined all those years ago. Despite all this – I must be honest I knew nothing about it. Well, that is until it appeared on my radar after the wonderfully quirky story trailer popped up on my Twitter feed. And it made quite an impression and so I thought it needed to be shared…

As you can see it seems rather special. As the end of the trailer indicated, the game is out “soonish” and if it seems like something you want to know more about, be sure to check out the website here. It is really worth a click as the site includes some awesome footage of the Slow Bros. team creating the game. However, if you’d prefer a shorter breakdown, the website highlights the following features that really make this title one to keep your eye on:

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