5 bits of gaming news to get you ready for the weekend

It was a shorter work week for a lot of us this week, but these days with one day blurring into the next – I’m sure you’re as happy I am that we’re (finally) heading for the weekend. And so you have something to talk about or perhaps even try over the next couple of days – here’s 5 bits of gaming news to get your ready for the weekend…

5. Rocket League Season 3 is up and running

Yup, if you decide to log on to Rocket League this weekend you’ll notice that Season 3 is upon us. And this time around you can expect… “a new rocket pass, challenges and content from Nascar and Formula 1”.

4. Here’s the first Hot Wheels Unleashed gameplay trailer

The Milestone team is behind this latest Hot Wheels iteration and sure it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m quite excited for this one…

3. Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX has a release date

“Alex… who?”, I hear you say. Well, believe it or not, Alex Kidd was a pretty well-known 2D-platformer on the Master System and was at one point considered to be SEGA’s mascot. The new game is getting a complete revamp and will be releasing on the 24th of June.

2. Balan Wonderworld has seemingly flopped miserably

I was quite excited about Balan Wonderworld. It had Yuji Naka at the helm and I was rather keen to see this return to cartoony platformers. Unfortunately, the demo has a lot of issues and the game has been almost universally panned by critics. And according to playstationlifestyle.net, the game may have sold less than 2100 copies in Japan in its first week! Perhaps, launching at the same time as Monster Hunter Rise was a mistake?

1. Fall Guys is getting a Shovel Knight costume tomorrow!

I’m a huge Fall Guys fan and I guess I know what I will be spending my crowns on Saturday… Yup, the Yacht Club Games’ shovel wielding armour-wearing hero is getting a bean-shaped makeover and I’m all for it.

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