Rumour: Will Kojima’s next game be an Xbox exclusive?

Over the last few days, there has been quite a bit of confusion around Hideo Kojima’s next project. The iconic creator is always a bit of an enigma anyway, but over the last 72 hours or so rumours have swirling even more than usual. It all seems to stem from the fact that Sony recently released a trailer for an upcoming horror first-person shooter called Abandoned coming to the PS5. The game is being developed by Blue Box Games. And after the internet found out that Blue Box Games has a very (maybe even suspiciously) small footprint online – people started to speculate that this may actually be a Kojima project hiding in plain sight. Something Koijima has sort of done in the past…

However, according to Jeff Grubb (writing for Venture Beat), this is definitely not a game that the famed Japanese developer is working on. And in perhaps even more surprising news – the reason why Grubb is so sure of that fact is that “according to a source familiar with the matter” Kojima is apparently working on a deal with Microsoft to publish his next title. Now, if this turns out to be true and if it will be an exclusive title it is sure to send social media round the bend with Sony traditionally being home to Kojima titles in the past.

Image Credit: Xbox via Venture Beat (arrow our own)

What’s perhaps most interesting (and very conspiracy-flavoured) is, referencing a screenshot from a recent interview with Phil Spencer, (included above), Grubb says that: “Yes, that statue on Phil Spencer’s shelf was referencing a potential deal with the legendary developer.” So… what do you think? Is this Microsoft’s next big move?

Source: Venture Beat

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