Age of Empires 4 aims to release this year, shows off in-engine gameplay

Over the weekend Relic Entertainment showed off a fair bit of Age of Empires 4 in a fan preview. With the game aiming for a fall release this year, it was about time we got some in-engine footage and the the game looks fantastic.

Age of Empires 4 will feature four historical campaigns, and some new civilisations will make for really interesting asymmetrical warfare in multiplayer games. For example, the Mongol civ uses a lot of tents, which can be packed up and moved around the map, either to new resources or to a nice forward base for attacks.

There is also a new stealth mechanic, with unique patches of forest which heavily reduce visibility, meaning two armies might move past one another in the forest, or units could hide away in a forest, waiting for the best time to ambush.

Get ready to build your empire up from hunter-gatherers to massive castle-building engineers. Just look at the Chinese civilisation’s beautiful buildings. I need dozens of them.

Age of Empires 4 will release on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Steam.

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