Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s first ‘major title update’ is around the corner

Ubisoft promised that Ghost Recon Breakpoint would get updates in 2021 and it looks like one of these is just around the corner.

2021’s roadmap has two major updates, the first of which is called the Teammate Experience Update. This will focus on improvements to AI teammates, with ways to unlock new passive skills and abilities for your AI buddies.

The various new AI squad features will have a dedicated quest log, offering you rewards in exchange for learning how to get your AI friends to carry their weight or perform properly.

The major updates will be free additions to the game, with the first one aiming for the “end of spring”. The second update is aiming for a fall release, with no mention of what it entails.

Hopefully this helps Ghost Recon Breakpoint out, which didn’t review so well in comparison to Ghost Recon Wildlands, which had a pretty good mix of taking down targets in sync or just driving with your buddy in shotgun, hanging out the window and blasting enemies.

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