Nintendo still keen to work on new games and consoles

Just yesterday we covered the news that Jason Schreier broke on Friday. His article raised concerns about Sony’s current direction – stating that the PlayStation’s focus is only on mainline ‘blockbusters ‘(possibly to the detriment of unique alternative experiences that have also thrived on their consoles in the past). Well, it seems another Japanese video game maker you may recognise is happy to keep doing what they’ve been doing…

According to Nintendo Everything, in a recent Nikkei article, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stated that while they’ll still be returning to their well-known properties, the company is still “pursuing new games and new series” and is also continually considering “ideas for new consoles” (translation as quoted in Nintendo Everything). We all know that Nintendo loves to hit that nostalgia button whenever they can. But let’s be honest if you owned Mario, Link and the gang it’s likely you’d do the same. And in their defence, not only has the Switch itself brought something new to the console arena, their foray into stuff like LABO, their AR-Mario Kart Live pack, Ring Fit Adventure and even Splatoon means we’re very happy that Nintendo is still keen to keep innovating.

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