This dark fantasy city-builder is from ex-CD Projekt Red dev

Do the words city-builder get you paying attention? How about dark fantasy inspired by Slavic folklore? If all that gets you firmly paying attention, then Gord is something to keep an eye on.

Get ready for a mixture of city-building, survival and strategy as you grow a settlement, fight off external threats and complete quests to help your people thrive. Oh, and you need to kill mythical beasts to get ahead.

Gord is being developed by Covenant, a new Polish game studio founded by ex-CD Projekt Red Stan Just.

The game will task you with monitoring the sanity of your population, with the insanity gauge telling you how close things are to getting worse. Better keep your people protected and make sure you send the best people out on raids.

Gord is aiming for a 2022 release, and the developer promises more information soon.

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