Ubisoft Forward event announced

Earlier this month, the all-new, all-digital E3 event was announced. There, of course, has been a few issues with E3 over the last few years; Not to mention the fact that the whole event had to be cancelled last year due to COVID, only to be ‘replaced’ by online events like the Summer Game Fest. And while those were actually rather successful on the whole, I’ve got to admit that hearing that E3 was back, did stir in me a welcome sense of familiarity in a recently rather unfamiliar-feeling world.

The fact that the 2021 E3 announcement included confirmation that several big-hitters (like Nintendo, Microsoft and Ubisoft amongst others) would be part of the event only reinforced those positive feelings. So when exactly will all of those specific shows take place? Well, we got our first official announcement yesterday:

As you can see from the Tweet above, the Ubisoft Forward event will happen on the first day of the show June 12 at 9 PM South African time. For now, we have no more details about what to expect – but if history has told us anything we know it will at least include the next Just Dance. So you know, for now, there’s that…

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