The PS5 is the fastest-selling console in US history – NPD

Late on Friday, Executive Director and video game industry advisor Mat Piscatella, released a series of tweets related to sales in the US video game industry as per the NPD. The NPD is a well-known market research group that periodically breaks down and publishes video game (amongst other things) statistics. There was quite a lot to cover, however, probably the most notable news is that the PS5 is now the fastest-selling console in US history.

Of course, US sales do not necessarily always equate to local (or even global) sales, however, the sheer size of the US market means it does give you a fair idea. According to Eurogamer, the statistic applies to “both unit and dollar sales… based on the first five months on the market”. This really puts things into perspective, especially considering how good the news around the Xbox Series X/S has been of late and the equipment shortages and restrictions that have been present around the world due to COVID; And the fact that it’s still almost impossible to nab the new Sony console from stores as they run out of stock within hours if not minutes.

Of course, these early sales are probably not a full-proof indicator of future or even lifetime success. But the huge popularity of the new console is likely still thanks to the massive chunk of the market the PS4 cornered and the fans they generated in the past generation that have chosen to remain loyal to the Sony brand.

And don’t expect a new Mario Kart game anytime soon…

In other NPD-related newsMario Kart 8 (+ the Deluxe version) also just became the best-selling racing game in US history. Now, when you consider just how many fantastic and popular racing games MK8 just ‘raced’ past in sales, it’s hard to imagine that ‘Mario Kart 9‘ is anywhere near a release. And that really bums me out.

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