Nier Replicant rolls a bunch of DLC into the base game for maximum story and costume collection

Nier Replicant is just around the corner and Square Enix and Toy Logic want you to know about all the fancy weapons, costumes and bits and bobs you will get in the game.

A new trailer shows off some of the additions you can expect in the game. First off is the 15 Nightmares dungeon, which was a challenging DLC that is now part of the main game. Beating the dungeon will net you bonus costumes and weapons.

Nier: Automata’s amazing soundtrack is being included with Nier Replicant, so you can listen to those bangers all over again. Oh and some of the Nier: Automata voice cast has reprised their roles, so keep an eye out for old favourites.

The Mermaid DLC is also included as an episode now. Get ready to head to a wrecked ship and find a little girl and a mighty, unkillable Shade. Gosh that looks like it might be a tricky, long fight to beat that massive thing.

Nier Replicant releases on April 23 on PC, Xbox One and PS4

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