The magic that is Spiritfarer is back with Lily

The magical world of Spiritfarer has returned with its first free DLC, The Lily Update. The update primarily is an addition of a new spirit, the Butterfly Spirit known as Lily. However, Thunder Lotus Games have also in the update addressed a concern that fans have brought up…Stella’s Story and Spiritfarer’s Ending. So with this update, players will be able to enjoy more of Stella’s story and according to the developers, a more satisfying ending through the insights of her younger sister, Lily.

The update also brings along with it a few quality of life features:

  • The boat can now travel at night after the first conversation with Lily.
  • New visual effects when Stanley is found.
  • UI now shows how many items can be added to stations.
  • Recipe collection now shares the same sorting as the recipe book.
  • Island’s names now appear while fast travelling.
  • Bus Stops are easier to see from the Fast Travel screen.

According to Thunder Lotus Games, Spiritfarer is also their most successful project to date, selling over half a million copies across all systems. With its enchanting soundtrack, charming setting and characters with stories that’ll pull at your heart strings, if you haven’t grabbed this title yet, do yourself a favour and grab it.

Source: Thunder Lotus Games

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