Itsa-him… LEGO Luigi!

Back in September 2020, the Super Mario LEGO range hit our sunny shores. And then, over the next few months, new additions to the set came along including a proposed LEGO Super Mario ‘Maker Set’. And while they’ve all been rather fun and wonderful (if all rather pricey) – the sets were all missing a rather conspicuous green guy. Well, that’s about to change…

After a few leaks earlier in the week… Nintendo confirmed the news with an announcement on Twitter yesterday:

Yup, as you can see in the included trailer LEGO Luigi will be hitting stores sometime in August (probably a little later here in SA). The new Starter Course includes a new interactive Luigi character with his ‘own interactivity and unique sounds’ and apparently a weird ‘twirly seesaw of death’ match-up too. It’s wonderfully mad and looks great. Now, we just wait to see just how many coins we’ll be losing to this one….

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