What game changed your mind about a whole genre?

Isn’t it wonderful how we all have different tastes when it comes to the video games we enjoy? Sure, there’s often a lot of overlap – and bigger hits from AAA studios usually get a lot of love. But, even then, if the genre of the game is just not your thing you may just never try it out, no matter how much praise and hype surrounds it. Of course, this is totally ok. And no matter what the internet says… we all don’t have to love every game or even every genre. There are so many games out there these days – that it’s probably not a bad idea to only spend what limited time and resources you have on stuff you’re more likely enjoy.

That being said, I recently started playing Subnautica. Now, I’ve never been a fan of the survival/crafting genre. Not really sure why, but I’ve just never had that much fun playing the few games I’ve tried. Also, and this is a bit of a nitpick, but I’ve also only ever played a handful of games in a first-person perspective that I’ve enjoyed. So as you can imagine Subnautica shouldn’t really be for me. However, for a variety of reasons (it was free on the Play Store thanks to PlayStation’s Play at Home initiative, friends kept speaking so highly of it, it had an unexpectedly intriguing sci-fi narrative, and the ability to tweak difficulty settings) – I’m now about 15 hours into the game and can’t wait to keep jumping back in.

Diving deeper…

So that got me thinking… historically, I’ve always been more interested in more directed, goal-oriented experiences. Platformers and puzzle games that have me checking off tasks someone else provides and then moving on. Subnautica, though, encourages personal exploration – often at your own pace. And, while I’ve never been hooked in the past – thanks to this game, I’m now actually rather keen to play other titles in the genre. So, what about you? Are you now a fan of a genre thanks to a specific game? Or has the opposite happened – and you’ve never touched a whole genre again because of one bad game experience? Has one game ever changed your mind about a whole genre?

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