SIE Boss Jim Ryan says the PS5 will have more exclusives than previous gens

It’s hard to argue against anyone that says that Sony ‘won’ the last (PS4 and Xbox One) generation; At least in terms of sales. The PS4 and the PS4 Pro sold like hotcakes. And while there are probably a few reasons why – one of the most important of these is the sheer number and quality of exclusives Sony and its related studios produced. Microsoft has been making a huge push over the last few years to even this up for the new generation. Just recently, this included purchasing Bethesda and other ZeniMax Media Inc studios. And it seems Sony wants to assure their fans they won’t be left behind…

Jim Ryan (Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO) recently spoke to Nikkei regarding the PS5. Thankfully this breakdown by VGC not only provides an English translation of what he said but also highlights a few key points that should have Sony fans excited. In short, Ryan stated that not only is PlayStation still “quietly investing” and “pursu[ing] further M&A opportunities” to bolster their exclusives, but also that “the PS5 generation will have more dedicated software than ever before“. Ryan also assured readers that they were “strengthening ties with their Japanese developers” and had asked manufacturers to “increase PS5 production“.

More exclusives than in any other generation and more PS5s on the way too? Now, that’s sweet music to the ears of many a Sony fan, we’re sure.

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