People Can Fly acquires Phosphor Games, now People Can Fly Chicago

People Can Fly, the devs behind Outriders and Bulletstorm, just acquired Phosphor Games.

Phosphor Games, which has been renamed People Can Fly Chicago, was founded in 2009 and has a reputation for making “dark, quirky and whimsical games” like The Brookhaven Experiment.

This means that People Can Fly now has seven studios, with this being the third in the US. Phosphor Studios CEO Justin Corcoran commented on the acquisition: “We are very excited to be joining People Can Fly to open a brand new Triple-A studio – People Can Fly Chicago. Our goal is to strengthen PCF’s presence in the US and help build People Can Fly as a global brand.”

People Can Fly’s CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski said that PCF needs “well-seasoned, ambitious professionals to bring our plans to fruition.” PCF is working on two other unnamed AAA projects currently as well as Outriders.

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