Airborne Kingdom is adding a New Game+ mode for a tougher challenge

The Wandering Band is calling on experienced kingdom pilots to head back into Airborne Kingdom to try out New Game+ mode.

The New Game+ mode is available after you finish the original campaign and it adds a whole bunch of issues that will test skills and decision making ability.

Get ready for a new map with scarcer resources and quests being further apart, meaning careful route planning is required to stay in the air.

New Game+ mode also randomises a whole bunch of things for every run, so that you won’t know what is coming if you start a new game. Maybe you start in a completely different place, or the quests or kingdoms get moved around. Get ready for an unpredictable ride. Oh and if that isn’t enough, you can switch on Hard mode too.

The New Game+ update is available now on the Epic Games Store. In our review, we said it wasn’t challenging enough, so hopefully people we don’t regret that now.

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