PlayStation Plus in May will have you hunting sharks and capturing points

May is just around the corner (feels like I am missing a few days in April, hmm) which means new PS Plus games are around the corner! Three new games are heading your way, two PS4 titles and one for PS5 owners.

First up is Wreckfest for the PS5 players. Wreckfest looks a lot like Destruction Derby, with everyone racing big powerful vehicles and trying to smash up everyone else. Well, mostly big powerful vehicles. Some of them look rather silly. I mean if you are going to die doing weird stuff in cars, you might as well do it on a couch with four exhausts in a loop de loop.

Over on the PS4 side of PS Plus, Battlefield 5 is taking us to World War 2. Whether you like single-player, co-op or multiplayer, there is something for all stripes as you get some kills. Be a good soldier and find that sniper on the map and kill them.

If shooting at other players isn’t your cup of tea, Stranded Deep rounds out the selection. This is a first-person open-world survival game that involves a lot of time in or near large bodies of water. Get ready to build a house, punch trees and hunt all sorts of things in the ocean. I remember seeing this and running away because there are a lot of nasty things attacking you underwater or as you ride your boat, and I don’t know if I need a game amping up my irrational worry that as soon as you are in deep ocean waters… something is going to try to turn you into lunch.

The new games will be available from May 4, so make

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