What’s your ‘forgotten game’?

For some out there, the events of the last year have given us more time at home and more time to spend on our favourite indoor hobbies. And sure, that’s not a huge silver lining (considering the challenges that so many have faced), but if we really try to focus on that little smidge of positivity – the extra time to spend on video games means that many of us have been able to finally get into our backlog. That list of games that we’ve wanted to play but just could never find the time to get to.

That being said, Game Pass, a reasonably consistent trickle of new titles and three consoles (not to mention PCs) all flourishing at the same time probably means there’s actually still more to play than ever before. So is there a game that’s fallen through the cracks? You know, that game that maybe you started to play and enjoyed but stopped for one reason or another. Or perhaps a game that you really meant to start – but as the months and maybe even years roll by you just never did? What’s the one game you still wish you will play but just never have… what’s your forgotten game? And how long has it been on the ‘waiting list’?

Let us know in the comments below…

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