Last Night’s State of Play Recap

Last night, PlayStation gave us another State of Play event. Running for just over 15 minutes, we first got a quick look at the marvellously icy sequel Subnautica: Below Zero and then confirmation of Among Us coming to PS4 and PS5 with its very own Ratchet & Clank-themed cosmetic addition. However, after that, it was all about the Rift Apart and after about 15 minutes with the new game – it’s safe to say that this game is looking visually amazing with huge open traffic-filled cityscapes and wonderfully alien worlds that feel lived-in and active. And that’s not all…

The quarter of an hour show, let us see just how big the focus on mobility is. Thanks to new abilities Ratchet can wall-run, and even dash – momentarily rifting out of existence and then back into it again. Then using the new ‘rift tether’ we saw the near-instantaneous switching (mid-boss battle no less) from one area into a whole new planet. Of course, there was also a big highlight on what the DualSense will be bringing to the party – meaning players can now not only ‘sense’ the power of shots and effects in their hands thanks to amazing haptic feedback, but adaptive triggers will bring a whole new multi-tiered firing mechanic and actually give you the ability to feel how far you’re throwing fun-themed ‘greenery’ grenades.

We also got another look at Rivet; The new female Lombax who seems to be pairing up with Clank for a lot of the early game and is a brand new playable character. Subsequently, we got a peek at alternate versions of classic planets from past games and lots of vehicles – including riding alien Speedles like speeder bikes and even some aerial combat à la Panzer Dragoon. And extras-wise you can look forward to a photo mode and lots of accessibility options. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart releases on the 11th of June 11 and if you want to check out what you missed out yesterday – check out the video below:

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