Can’t beat a difficult section in a game? Sony’s new patent may help…

Whenever the talk of patents comes around it’s always good to remember that just because a company files a patent doesn’t mean the new tech or software will ever get a real-world application. That being said, occasionally it does. And recently we’ve seen a few patents related to managing difficulty in games. Back in April, for example, news surfaced stating that EA was working on a patent for tech that would automatically adjust the difficulty of a game while you were playing it. And we know other games have already toyed with that idea in the past. And now it seems Sony has a slightly different idea to tackle the ‘difficulty’ issue…

Liam Wiseman (writing for IGN), quotes Patent Scope when discussing Sony’s new patent. And, as explained by Wiseman, Sony’s idea involves allowing the player that is struggling to complete a section in the game they are playing to somehow request the assistance of an “expert” player. And that could possibly include just sharing a screen and providing instructions or even allowing the expert to ‘take control of the gameplay’ for a specific section.

Sharing control will always require an extra level of security to be applied to the interaction and I am interested as to how the PlayStation 5 (for example) would handle this sort of thing. However, I’ve got to say – that it’s the kind of ‘managing difficulty’ option I would love to have implemented and think I would personally make use of. And more accessibility can only be a good thing.

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