What was the game that got your partner/friend/family member to share in your video game hobby?

I’ve been into video games for a long time. I can remember sitting inches from a CRT TV playing Nintendo games probably before I was even old enough to wear a school uniform. And sure, it likely wasn’t on an official NES back then. But that didn’t change the fact that I fell in love with the perfectly pixelated Super Mario Bros. And it’s a hobby that has stuck with me over the years and something I’m sure will be with me for years to come. I’m also married. Have been for 9 years now. And while my wife and I actually have a lot in common – video games were never big in her life. She had played the odd PC game growing up – but nothing had really made a big impact.

Of course, having several different interests is not a problem. It’s actually probably a good thing. However, because I enjoyed playing them so much and the fact that video games (in their very nature) can be quite social – right from the start of our relationship I’ve tried to get her involved too. For some time – she’d jump into a game or at least watch me play it. But nothing quite stuck. Nothing until Super Mario Odyssey, that is. Now, it could’ve been because Nintendo made a really fun way for absolute beginners to play Odyssey with the Assist Mode. It could’ve been because the game is so incredibly fun and joyful. Or it could have been my incessant excitement about how much I was enjoying it. But for one reason or another – she played the game herself. Not only that – she enjoyed it so much she even rolled credits. The first time she had completed a game. The video game bug had finally bitten her.

So what about you?

So it got me thinking… Have any of you out there had a similar experience? What was the game that got your partner/friend/family member to share in your video game hobby? Let us know in the comments section below…

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