Unsurprisingly, Starfield seems like it will be an Xbox & PC exclusive

Believe it or not, Bethesda gave us a teaser for Starfield back at E3 2018. Even then, Todd Howard spoke about a “next-generation” experience and even said that the project was aiming for something “very, very far in future”. And so, the prospect of a sprawling sci-fi epic from the Bethesda team has meant fans of meaty RPGs have been waiting years for. Of course, when news broke in September last year that Microsoft was buying Bethesda for an eye-watering $7,5 billion – Sony fans became concerned. Would upcoming Bethesda titles (like Starfield) become Xbox exclusives?

I remember when the news first broke, my social media channels were filled with people saying exclusivity would likely not happen. However, as time went by, several Xbox ‘insiders’ and even Microsoft themselves started openly confirming that some Bethesda titles would be exclusives. And really, thinking about it rationally – it makes sense. As so many have already stated – why would Microsoft have splurged a huge amount of cash if they didn’t intend to make full use of their newly acquired studios as a means to draw new customers to their ‘ecosystem’.

So while no official Microsoft confirmation has come as to which titles would not venture into Sony waters – as we approach this year’s E3 and rumours emerge that more Starfield news is about to be revealed… Venture/GameBeat’s Jeff Grubb reports that as far as he knows – one thing is clear:

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